Okay, now for the actual “thank you”…

I have, in between my gasps for breath and pollen-induced shudders, managed to find the strength to beg my wife to bring me my laptop.  She was kind enough to honor my dying wish (I’m an illness baby in case you haven’t figured that out) and will be happy to know that I have moved her up past the “bindery operator” on my list of future acknowledgements.  Congratulations, honey!

Now that my laptop is in my grasp, I can give the organizers of “The Writer’s Voice” their due.

The following individuals have been kind enough to offer their very valuable time to host this little party and, as I imagine the others who managed to sneak their entries in wish to express as well, I cannot thank them enough.  These “foot-in-the-door” moments are few and far between.  You have done all of us a service:


Cupid’s Literary Connection

Brenda Drake:

Brenda Drake Writes

Monica B.W.

Love YA

Krista Van Dolzer

Mother. Write. (Repeat.)

Please read their blogs, buy their books, and give them the applause they so deserve for their efforts.

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